• Affirming

  • Youth leadership

  • No generalizations

  • Respect boundaries

maintaining an empowering space

we are affirming

Introduce yourself with your pronouns, and use others’ stated pronouns.

Thank youth for their help, time, and expertise.

Reframe from making comments about anyone’s appearance or clothing.

we embrace youth leadership

Give youth your full attention on tours or when they are speaking.

Direct your questions about the business or program directly to young people vs. adult staff.

Understand that youth are experts on their experiences and the systems they are engaged in.

we avoid making generalizations

Don't make assumptions about whether someone you meet is a youth, staff member, or fellow visitor.

Understand that a person’s system involvement does not define them.

Engage in conversation with a learning mindset.

we respect boundaries

Ask if youth are comfortable answering personal questions, respect if they decline.

Ask youth if they want career or personal advice before providing it.

Never initiate physical contact, even to tap a shoulder to get someone's attention.

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